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BUY new or used items.
If you're looking for a new or used product and there isn´t in this website, send us an e-mail to and we will try ask to you.
SELL us your equipment.
As long as the price is interesting.
Think we should be able to sell it or change it to another person.
CHANGE your items for new or used products.
If you have something you do not use or want to change for a better equipment, or an article that fits in your new projects, offer your exchange and we value.


ALWAYS check all that passes through our hands. Giving the guarantee of operational at the time of shipment.

Also we offer you the equipment at a specialized SAT check.
Payment of the check shall be made in advance. Item will be reported as the test and price.

ADVICE - As amateur radio for more than 20 years ago, like many of you, I left the quarry of the CB in the early 90 EC and licensed since 2006, with some experience as you see. Passionate World DX and contest, the management stations passionate, I love test equipment, handling and investigating equipment and communication systems meet them and get the most performance and through this project I try and learn every day which are the best teams according to the needs you have.

Our objective is grow day by day including new items and projects that we think are interesting for you.

Always at your service ... your queries and offers not bother us !!

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